• The Price for a Cover is $169 USD

Delivery Files
  • Includes: High res files .JPG 300 dpi + .PSD Layered File (3 Layers)

Method Of Payment and Half Payment in advance
  • I accept payments by Paypal/Credit/Debit Card or Western Union Transfers.   For Prices in different currency, you can use this site http://www.xe.com/ Money Exchange
  • A half payment in advance is a requirement.


Cover, Work Process…

  • I’ll create the album cover based on your sketch idea/examples, then show you one final preview, if a change or revision is required on the cover, an additional cost may be applied. (see Revisions)

CD Album Title: You can choose 2 styles for the album title.

  • Ornamented title: The album tile will be an Ornamented Text.
  • Single font: A single Font will be assigned for the Album title or you can send a font from your choose.



If the change is minimun it won´t cost extra.

  • For example: Removing an element from the cover, re-adjust colors, see the sample below.

There will be extra cost only on some cases.

  • Changes: Change or add several elements from the cover.


Estimated Time
  • the Cover Artwork takes 5-6 working days after first half payment.

  • Credit me on your CD Album or Vinyls, it´s a requirement, you can use the following text: Cover by Gragoth or Cover by: www.luciferiumwargraphics.com
  • You can use the Cover for any Purpose: Merchandise, Prints, etc…
  • You can’t re-sell the Cover to a third party.
  • Rights Of Use: For example, if a cover was created for the album of ‘X’ band, only the owner (s) of that band could maintain the right use of that album art .

Cover Request
1 Step 1
NameName or Nick
Album Titleyou can choose 2 styles for the album title.
Styleie: black metal, gothic, electronic, folk, etc...
FileOnly .jpg .gif .png (max 5MB)
Extra Details
0 / 5000
Deadlinewhat is your deadline?