Method of Payments

1.1 Method of Payments I accept payments by Paypal or Credit/Debit Card.

1.2 Prices in different currency For Prices in different currency I use this site Money Exchange



2.1 Copyrights Give me credits on logos/shields/emblems/ambigrams is a requirement, you can use the following text: Logo by: Gragoth or Logo by: (except on “logo revamps”)

2.2 Payment in advance on Logos Why do I need to be paid in advance? (logos only) to start working on a logo, the payment in advance is a requirement, sometimes there are people asking me to make logos just to see if they like it or if I am able to fulfill their expectations when they should trust my work, you must be sure that I am the right artist to do the job for you, I can make changes in the process without cost before the end of the logo,please take a look to my logos gallery.

2.3 Estimated time on Logos the logo takes 4-5 working days after payment and 1 or 2 revisions can take 1 day

2.4 Proccess After payment, I make the logo and show it to my client, if changes are required, I can do it without problem.

2.5 Revisions I can make revisions on logos without cost, but the client must have a clear idea for the logo, make a sketch or send examples.


Cover Artworks

3.1 Half Payment in Advance a half payment is required to Covers and CD Albums and the rest payment when the work is done.

3.2 Estimated time on Covers and CD Albums a cover takes 5-7 working days and a CD Album 7-9 working days or depending your deadline



4.1 Estimated time on Packages a package can takes depending your deadline

4.2 Custom Packages If you need a custom package with different designs, just let me know and I’ll tell you the total price with a discount.

4.3 Half Payment in Advance Packages require a deposit of 50% from the total amount to start working on it, the rest of the payment when the work is done.