Logo – Price

  • The Price for a Logo is $$69 – 99 USD (depending elaboration)
Delivery Files
  • Includes: Vector Work in .AI -or- .EPS + High res files .JPG and .PNG (Transparent Background)
  • SVG Files

Estimated Time
  • the logo takes 4-5 working days after payment.

  • Credit me on Albums and Vinyls, that´s a requirement, you can do it using the following text: Logo by Gragoth or Logo by  www.luciferiumwargraphics.com (except on logo revamps, websites, T-Shirts, Patchs, Banners,) it is optional.
  • You can use the logo for any Purpose: Merchandise, Prints, etc…
  • You can’t re-sell the logo to a third party

Method Of Payment and Payment in advance
  • I accept payments by Paypal/Payonner/Credit/Debit Card or Western Union Transfers.   For Prices in different currency, you can use this site http://www.xe.com/ Money Exchange
  • Why do I need to be paid in advance? (logos only) to start working on a logo, the payment in advance is a requirement, sometimes there are people asking me to make logos just to see if they like it or if I am able to fulfill their expectations when they should trust my work, you must be sure that I am the right artist to do the job for you, please take a look to my logos gallery.


For Logos, I have 2 work modes, Standard Work and Custom Work.

  • STANDARD WORK – Working at my own discretion: In this mode, I’ll send you 1 sketch idea based on your logo request, when you´ve made the decision I’ll work on the logo and show you the final preview. (if a big change or revision is required, an additional cost may  apply) see Revisions.
  • CUSTOM WORK – Working with your own idea: you can send me a sketch with the idea for your logo, I´ll  work on it and show you the final preview. (if a big change or revision is required, an additional cost may apply) see Revisions


I can make revision with no cost in the following cases: (just to mention a few)

  • Removing: Removing an element that the client believes that doesn´t look ok with the logo or change symbols to a different side of the logo,etc
  • Misspelling: In some cases mispelling errors ocurred.That can be change without an extra charge if it´s my mistake.
  • unreadable/readable:For example if you´ve asked for a legible logo and you think the result it´s not easily readable.
  • Minor Changes: Any other minor change is accepted.

There will be an extra charge in these cases: (just to mention a few)

  • Additions:For example,if you want to add an outline or more elements to the logo and you didn´t mention it with anticipation or if you request to see how different elments might look on the logo.
  • Change of Line:For example, if you want to change the logo to be on one single line when you asked before for 2…or vice versa.
  • Thick/Thin Lettering: For example,if you requested a logo with thick lettering but now you want to change it for thinner letters.
  • Lowcase/Uppercase: If you want to change the lettering from lowercase to uppercase that will cost some extra.
  • Drastic Change: Any drastic change to the logo that wasn´t mentioned before.

Logo References

Single Line, 2 or more lines

Crack Edges




Rusty Edges

Sharp Edges